Target of Opportunity Observations - Guidelines

ToO proposal Guidelines:

  • Each night is defined to be of nine hours duration. Therefore the total number of hours that may be given to a proposal is nine times the number of nights allotted by IGO-TAC.

  • Every time a ToO observation is triggered by the PI, a minimum of three hours will be deducted from the total hours allotted. If the ToO observation continues beyond three hours, the actual used time will be deducted.

  • Typically, ToO data will remain proprietary to the proposers for a limited period of one month after which it will be available publicly. However, at the time of proposal submission, the proposers can specifically request that this time to be extended citing justifications which will have to stand the peer review processí scrutiny.

  • Observational proposals which have asked for specific time slots will generally be rated at higher priority and will not normally be interrupted by a ToO trigger. PIs of ToO proposals will be informed of such periods.

  • At present ToO proposals will be allowed on a shared risk basis while the ToO triggering and response mechanism at IGO is being set up