The Princeton Instruments CCD Camera (PI-CCD) is mounted on one of the side ports of the telescope. It is mounted as a direct imaging camera with only the chosen filter placed in the telescope beam path and the detector. This camera employs a 1340 x 1300, pixel, thinned, back-illuminated, E2V CCD. The 20μm pixels give better spatial sampling than IFOSC. A set of U,B,V,R,I filters identical to those used in IFOSC is available for this instrument. A summary of the instrument parameters are given in the table below.

Parameter Value
Pixels 1340 x 1300, 20μm square
Image Scale 97μm per arcsecond (0.2 arcsecond per pixel)
On chip binning 2x2
Single Pixel Full Well 300ke
Dynamic range 16 bits
  low noise mode high capacity mode
3e rms 10e rms
Output amplifier capacity 250ke 800ke
Software selectable gain 0.5, 1, 2 e per ADU 1, 2, 4 e per ADU
Filter set UBVRI

Special Notes:

  • PI-CCD currently has certain amount of ghost images around bright objects especially when observed in the U-band and to a smaller extent in the B-band.