IUCAA Telescope Installation Progress

14th Feb. 2006

Telescope handed over to IUCAA after installation and commissioning. A summary of final acceptance test results given here.
19th Jan. 2006
First deep sky (z=3.9) object spectrum taken with IFOSC.  3.5A resolution, 30min integration IFOSC spectrum is compared with 6A resolution, 1hour integration INT spectrum of the same source.
3rd Dec. 2005
System testing complete.
31st Oct. 2005

System integration and testing in progress. Some more day time performance tests carried out. Some IFOSC tests carried out off the telescope.

30th Sep. 2005
Cassegrain motor installation and testing completed. System integration and performance tuning in progress.
31st Aug. 2005
Work started on installing new Cassegrain rotator motors.

8th June 2005

Sky work stopped due to approaching monsoon. TTL staff return to UK.


31st May 2005

Work on improving the tracking performance of the telescope being done by TTL night team. Some of the day time performance tests witnessed by IUCAA staff.


18th May 2005

TTL staff resumed work at site on 4th May and completed incorporating linear encoders on the secondary focus mechanism.

23rd Mar. 2005

IUCAA staff completed mechanical and electrical integration of the primary instrument, IUCAA Faint Object Spectrograph & Camera (IFOSC), at the direct Cassegrain port of the telescope.

23rd Feb. 2005

Check the Image pages to see some astronomical images from the telescope.

6th Feb. 2005
Cassegrain instrument rotator has developed some trouble and the motor/gearbox assemblies need to be sent back to TTL for investigation. TTL staff to leave site soon.

1st Feb. 2005

Optical alignment work mostly completed. Azimuth and Altitude servo controls installed and are undergoing tuning. Pointing model good enough to reach within a few arcseconds of the target.

7th Jan. 2005

TTL engineers return to site after Christmas/New Year break and installation work restarted.


11th Dec. 2004

Stellar and planetary images obtained with the autoguider mounted on the direct Cassegrain port.


10th Dec. 2004

Engineering first light achieved through an eyepiece when the telescope zoomed in on gamma-Cas around 1900hrs. A few more bright stars were observed to allow generating a basic pointing model.


9th Dec. 2004

Primary mirror installed. See some photos here.


30th Nov. 2004

Cabling complete. Top-end ring installed. Telescope soon to achieve pendant control.


13th Jul. 2004

Off-mount and on-mount electrical cabling of the telescope underway.


18th Jul. 2003

Awaiting inputs from TTL to start work of on-mount electrical cabling.


26th May 2003

The telescope is mechanically assembled inside the enclosure except for the top end ring carrying the secondary assembly.


12th May 2003

Alignment telescope has been received from TTL. Work on centering of the base-box and erection of the upper mechanical structure starts with assistance of an engineer from TTL.


13th Mar. 2003

TTL engineer returned to UK.


26th Feb. 2003

Azimuth ring installation completed by specialist engineers from PES, UK. Base box moved into the telescope enclosure and placed over the ring.


13th Feb. 2003

Mechanical engineer from TTL arrived at the site to provide expert assistance in installation of the telescope.

17th Jan. 2003

TTL provides a project plan for site installation and commissioning of the telescope

20th Sep. 2002

Telescope parts arrive at the site in boxes. See some photos here.


26th Apr. 2002

Acceptance tests carried out at the TTL factory.


Last update : 30th Sep. 2005